Duration: Aug.31 to Sept.4 Venue: Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Schedule of 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week


2013 International Country Music Week Draws its Curtain in Z... The five-day Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week drew its curtain on the afternoon of September 4, 2013. The go...
World Country Music Shows on Zhangjiejie Alpine Stages... During the 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week, 22 international bands representing 20 countries coming fr...
Tourist Spot Zhangjiajie Hosts Country Music Festival... Zhangjiajie, the well-known national park in north west Hunan Province, is now drawing visitors for another reason other...

Duration: Aug.31 to Sep.4
Place: Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province
Official Website: http://en.zjjcountrymusic.com/

2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week History 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Cave Ecology Square "Idylls" Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Cave More

In Side Out, America In Side Out fuses American country music and Chinese folk music, joining the cross-cultural talent of American country music singer Mark Levine and Chinese folk musician Fu Han. The result is a perfect fusion of soothing western-style guitar balladeering... More

Saar Group, Gansu Province Saar Group is from Yugu minority of Gansu province. They present verbally their history and culture using songs and dances. With love of their nationality, talent in singing and dancing, and passion in their hearts, the four young Yugu brother and sisters... More

Fine Jade Ensemble, Xinjiang Uygur A Those who haven’t been to Xinjiang never know how broad China is; those who haven’t been to Hetian never know how old and miraculous Xinjiang is. China is a large country full of wonders; Xinjiang is a hot land with many ethnic customs while Hetian is the... More

Shanren Band, Yunnan Province Set up in 1999 in the picturesque Yunnan province, Shanren Band is a multi-ethnic group consisting of members from the Han, the Wa and the Buyi nationality. They devote themselves to carrying forward the local music heritage. With special instruments, the... More

Qasar Group, Jilin Province Qasar Group, set up in 2010 with 9 members, was named after Qasar, hero of the Inner Mongolia in the 12th century. Their instruments are all very unique, including morin khuur, Chinese zither and tovshuur. Their performances integrate Mongolian music cult... More

Kam Grand Choirs, Guizhou Province With a history of over 2,500 years, Kam Grand Choirs, a form of folk choir with Homophonic form, natural chorus and no conductor, was listed as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Kam Grand Choirs is not just a musical art form; it plays an impo... More

Asilong Group,Yunnan Province Asilong Group, established in 2004, is the first original Yi nationality from Small Liangshan, Yunnan province,a male quartet in the national music arena. Hearing their songs, you will definitely appreciate their deep love for music. Their songs will take... More

Danzkring des Heimatbundes “de Spi German traditional dances closely connect with the geography, history and customs as well as European dance culture and traditions. The most famous one is the village dance. It has 7 traditional styles such as sn ake, cross, crown, small circle, lined up... More

DrumTrib, South Africa In South Africa, enthusiasm and joy of black people can be found everywhere. Their bodies were born for music, and for them music is what gives meaning to life. Drum Tribe's rhythm and rich form of expression is stunning beyond words. The band's dazzlin... More

Jean-Francois Maljean, Belgium Belgian pianist, Jean-Francois Maljean enjoys great reputation in Europe and the world. Maljean has been honored as “Top 10 Musicians of 21 Century”, along with the famous Yanni and Bandari. He is truly gifted with an elegant and fashionable style which i... More

Sirdaryo navolari, Uzbekistan Sirdaryo Navolari means "Melodies of Syrdarya" in Uzbekistan’s language. The ensemble hopes to develop the traditional dance culture of Uzbekistan, through their performances. All its performers are local prominent artists. Dressed in self-made traditio... More

KARAGÖZ, Turkey Turkey is rich in folk dance heritage, and its people love dance. Gorgeous costumes, flashy steps, bright lights, melodious music, and bursts of applause will be showcased in charming Zhangjiajie, a World Natural Heritage Site designated by UNESCO. The gr... More

Afrikwetu, Tanzania Afrikwetu Band, formerly known as Afrikali, was formed in 2003, dedicated to spreading Tanzanian folk music and culture. The group integrates Tanzanian traditional dance choreography and instruments with modern music, to deliver the audience a feel of Tan... More

FRULICA, Serbia FRULICA is well-known around the world, and has been privileged to perform breathtaking shows in 46 different countries, including the United States, Britain, and France. Walt Elias Disney, the creator of Future World theme park, remarks that if you want... More

Peter Taylor, Scotland Peter Taylor started his career by playing guitar and performing on stage in Scotland, Spain and China in the 1990s. He carries forward local traditional music while keeping in pace with modern taste by integrating the national Scottish music with modern... More

Regional Dance Center Umbria, Italy Regional Dance Center Umbria is an Italian modern dance company backed by the Ministry of Culture of Italy, Umbria Region and Perugia Municipal Government. As innocent as farmers, the performers dance bare foot, their performance filled with wildness of t... More

Haasoun Bashir Carmel music group, I Establised in the 1960s, Israel Carmel Dance Troupe is time-honored. The troupe commits itself to embodying the relationship between humans and nature via their distinctive national music and dance forms. With their performance, audience can get a feel of... More

Prathibha Prahlad, India Prathibha Prahlad, one of the best dancers in India, is known for her unusual style and versatility. She is beautiful and charming combination of performer, teacher, choreographer, researcher, and media personnel, all of which she executes with equally ex... More

VOLZHANKA, Russia The ВОАЖАНКА Art Troupe is such a typical Russian group that betakes themselves to inheriting and developing the traditional Russian folk dances. Their performa... More

BOLIVAR LOST IN TICLIO , Peru “Bolivar lost in Ticlio” will show you a surprising vanguard folclore perfomance from Peru. Classical dance, folclore and acting will mix in this creative show. Inspirated by traditional folclore dance from Peru′s andean region the performers will ta... More

Tripple Heritage Dance Company, Nige African Singing and Dancing Group of Nigeria, founded in the 1990s, are devoted to spreading traditional African culture. They mainly perform folk dances, playing musical instruments and acting stage plays that are full of local colors. The troupe is used... More

Noukilla, Mauritius Noukilla band consists of five good friends from the island of Mauritius. Their performance, fused with multiple national and cultural features, rouses strong attraction in its audience, which enables them to experience the enthusiasm and amazing multicul... More

EGYPTIAN NILEFOLKLORIC TROUPE , Egyp Egypt Nile Country Music Dance Troupe bears outstanding folk and indigenous characteristics. Its music belongs to the Nile folk genre, with a highly skillful and impromptu capability. Their act always makes delicate changes within its infinite repetitious... More

HABANA COMPAS DANCE, Cuba Liliet Rivera, an excellent dancer, is the founder of Cuba Havana Dance Troupe, which is dedicated to the study and choreography of traditional and modern dances and has presented splendid acts in numerous countries like the USA, Spain and Chile. With the... More

David Fernando's Rumba Latin Jazz, David Frandal, a versatile musician who originated the music style of “Rumba Latin Jazz”, is known for his perfect and mesmerizing blend of Creole music, rumba, percussion music and jazz. In their initial days, the band only held small concerts at Miami C... More

Idalion, Cyprus The Fork Culture Art Troupe from Cyprus, the island of love, where Venus was born in the Greek myths, is known for honesty and hospitality and their indifference towards red tape culture. Their performances focus on national dances, each step and movement... More

Rodrigo Tobar&Banda, Chile Bartok Ensemble is a family group from Chile. Their music is passionate and filled with family affection. Their humming performance carries a hint of sadness, but at the same time instills a sense of vigor with their lively and smooth tone. Their acts are... More

Aldeia dos Anjos, Brazil Angel Village Band is currently one of Brazil's most successful music and dance groups. The group has won the ENART championship ten times. They are recognized by the Rio Grande do Sul state as a historical and cultural heritage and are renowned for thei... More

SPAGHETTI COWBOYS , Australia Apart from kangaroos, koalas, and the Sydney Opera House, Australia is well known for its music. Spaghetti Cowboy is a passionate rock band, integrating Western frankness with Oriental reservedness. Their rock music drives audiences crazy and gets people... More

BALVANERA TANGO, Argentina Argentina "Balvanera" Tango Dance Group is a sensual flame from Buenos Ellis, tempting audiences worldwide through body language and rhythm. They blend stories into tango dances, push the limits of traditional Argentinan dance, and create a new trend of... More

Making Faces, USA The Making Faces Band comes from West Palm Beach, Florida. It is composed of four handsome and funny men who integrate elements of rock, tradition, and fashion into their music, while maintaining a unique sound. In February 2012, they released the album... More

Mariachi Mestizo, America Mariachi Mestizo was formed in 2012. Its members originate from various cities in the state of New Mexico, most of which currently reside in the capital city of Santa Fe. The ensemble performs traditional Mexican folk music dating back hundreds of years t... More

Whistler Mountain Duo, Canada Jon Shrier and Laura Nedelak, long-term residents of the Resort Municipality of Whistler, recently teamed up as a singing/songwriting duo to represent Whistler in the Zhangziazie Country/Folk Music Festival. They will be performing as a duo as well as in... More

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Enticing Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie is a growing tourist city and is famous for its unique natural scenery and abundant tourism resources. It is located in the northwest of Hunan Province, about 400 kilometers away from Changsha, covering a total area of 9,563 square kilometers...More

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